Over the years, we have facilitated several trainings and undertaken several consultancies that include the establishment of data bases, data entry, data analysis, data cleaning and report writing. Most of our consultancies take into consideration USAID Evaluation Guide and the OECD DAC. Few of those trainings and consultancies are highlighted below.





1 RREA Lighting Lives in Liberia (LLL)

September 2016

2 IDG[1] Activity Order # 25 – Impact Evaluation of the Liberia Food and Enterprise Development (FED) Project

Aug. 2016

3 MOA Baseline Survey: The Smallholder Agricultural Productivity Enhancement and Commercialization (SAPEC) Project in 12 counties

May 2016

4 UNICEF Mapping of gCHVs in the 15 counties of Liberia

Feb. 2016

5 IDG[2] Activity Order # 11 – Liberia Feed the Future Interim Population-Based Indicator Assessment

Jan. 2016

6 MOGCSP Liberia: Status of Girls Report

Nov. 2015

7 LACC/UNDP United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)  Self-Assessment

Nov. 2015

8 Plan Liberia Post-Ebola Universal Birth Registration (UBR) Assessment

Nov. 2015

9 UNESCO Capacity Building for Education For All (CapEFA ) Final Evaluation

Oct. 2015

10 YMCA/YCI Act2Live Youth Health Initiative

Oct. 2015

11 PMU/PIU, MOA[3] Direct Supervision Mission of the Agriculture Sector Rehabilitation Project in Bomi, Grand Bassa, Grand Cape Mount, and Montserrado County

June 2015

12 PMU/PIU, MOA[4] Mid Term Review of the Smallholder Tree Crops Revitalization Support Project (STCRSP)

May 2015

13 YMCA Liberia Securing Healthy Lives and Sustainable Livelihood for 10,000 Youths in Rural Liberia

June 2014

14 Plan Liberia Ebola : Community Care and Cultural Practices

May  2015

15 CARE Liberia Final Evaluation of the Community Empowerment and Collaborative Action for Change (CECAC) Project

March 2015

16 USAID[5] Final Evaluation of the Rebuilding Basic Health Services (RBHS)

March 2015

17 Living Water International Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Baseline Survey

February 2015

18 UNDP Liberia[6] The Socioeconomic Impact of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Liberia

November 2014

19 ACDI/VOCA[7] ACDI/VOCA LIFE II Final Evaluation

April 2014

20 Plan Liberia Universal Birth Registration Baseline Survey (UBR)

November 2013

21 Oxfam Liberia Program Baseline Survey

October 2013


Samaritan Purse Liberia

Final Evaluation of the Integrated Agriculture for Women’s Empowerment (IN-AWE) Project in Foya and Kolahun Districts, Lofa County

September 2013

23 CARE Liberia Final Evaluation – Integrated Nutrition and Food Security (INFS) Project

August 2013

24 CARITAS Liberia / CAFOD WASH Baseline Survey in Zoe-Geh and Buu-Yao District, Nimba County, Liberia

May 2013

25 CRS Liberia Final Evaluation: Seeds, Training and Awareness Raising for Cassava – Producing Hosts (STARCH)  in Maryland and River Gee Counties

May 2013

26 Concern Liberia Baseline Survey – Water and Sanitation Project for Extreme Poor Peri Urban and Slum Communities in Montserrado County

March 2013

27 UNICEF Liberia FINAL Evaluation: ECHO – Supported Multi-sectorial Interventions to Address the Humanitarian and Recovery Needs of Ivorian Refugees and Liberian Host Community Members in the Four Emergency Counties – Grand Gedeh, Nimba, Maryland and River Gee

February 2013

28 Plan Liberia Final Evaluation: Community Based Integrated Education And Child Protection Recovery Assistance For Refugees And Host Communities In Nimba And Grand Gedeh Counties

Dec. 2012

29 UNICEF Liberia Final Evaluation: Accelerated Child Survival Initiative in Gbarpolu County

Nov. 2012

30 RTP Liberia Final Evaluation: Psychosocial Support, Child Protection And Development, And Youth HIV and AIDS Prevention Project in Maryland County

Oct. 2012


ZOA Liberia DCR Complementary Baseline Survey

August 2012


OXFAM Liberia

Evaluation of the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) and Non CLTS in Maryland County

June 2012

33 CRS Liberia Baseline Survey: Seeds, Training and Awareness Raising for Cassava – Producing Hosts (STARCH)  in Maryland and River Gee Counties

July 2012


Samaritan Purse Liberia

Mid Term Evaluation of the Integrated Agriculture for Women’s Empowerment (IN-AWE) Project in Foya and Kolahun Districts, Lofa County

May 2012

35 ZOA Liberia Developing Farmer Associations for Food Security and Marketing, 2012 -2016

April 2012


Plan Liberia

Child Prosperity Ranking of 52 Districts in 12 Counties of Liberia

March 2012

37 ZOA Liberia Del Final Evaluation

February 2012

38 ZOA Liberia ECOWASH Final Evaluation

Jan 2012

39 Plan Liberia Market Survey in Dadala, Weamoi and Nyuandee, Klay District, Bomi County

Dec, 2011

40 ZOA Liberia  CRWRC Food Security and Income Generating Project Yearly Review of Indicators

Oct. 2011

41   ZOA Liberia Conducted the Baseline Study for the PAMOJA Project

May 2011


ZOA  Liberia Translated from French to English responses from the Quick Survey on Refugees in Grand Gedeh County

Sept. 2011


Plan Liberia

Conducted the Learn without Fear Opinion Poll

July 2011

44 ZOA Liberia  Aqua for All (A4A) Project Final Evaluation

July 2011

45 ACDI/VOCA LAUNCH Qualitative Baseline Survey

March 2011


ACDI/VOCA LAUNCH Quantitative Baseline Survey

March 2011



Conducted a research on Fragile States and Development in West Africa: Liberia Case Study

March 2011


YMCA Liberia

Liberia’s Policy Research on Youth Development

June 2010


SOS Liberia

Liberia: Assessment of Child Rights Situation Analysis

April 2010


Plan Liberia

Market Survey on Opportunities for People living with HIV / Aids (PLWHAs) in Bomi, Lofa and Montserrado Counties

August 2010


YMCA Liberia

Liberia’s Youth  Employment Opportunities- Market Analysis

June 2010


Plan Liberia

 Conducted Final Evaluation Plan Liberia Non-formal Rapid Education Project

December 2009


Plan Liberia

Conducted Mid Term Review on Plan Liberia support to Quality Education in Liberia

May 2009


Plan Liberia

Conducted Plan Liberia Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) Microfinance Baseline Survey

9th July 2009


Plan Liberia

Conducted Plan Liberia Support to Quality Primary Education in Post War Liberia Mid Term Review

June  2009


UNDP[9] Somalia

Consulted with a range of stakeholders in Somalia on the Reconstruction and Development Program (RDP) and rendered expert advice on the Multi Donor Trust Fund

April 2007


Mercy Corps, Liberia

Evaluated, amongst other things, the efficiency, effectiveness, benefits and problems of Mercy Corps implemented World Bank Community Driven Development sub-projects

October 15, 2006


UNOCHA New York Evaluated the impact, relevance and overall performance of the Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) in Liberia

June 8, 2006