Mrs. Agnes M. Kormon
Executive Director

Mrs. Kormon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Liberia. She is a candidate for the master’s degree in International Relation from the I.B.B. School of International Relations, University of Liberia. Mrs. Kormon has served in various positions – Research Analyst, Deputy Director of Passports and Visas, Director of Procurement, and Assistant Minister for Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She holds several certificates including human rights based approach to programming and has served as team leader for various consultancies – Mid Term Review of Plan Liberia Support to quality Education in Liberia, Mid Term Review of Plan Liberia non-formal Rapid Education, FAWE/Liberia Baseline survey on Violence Against Children and Plan/Liberia End of Term Evaluation on the Non-formal Rapid Education Project; YMCA Liberia Youth Employment Opportunities – Market Analysis and SOS Liberia Assessment of Child Rights Situation Analysis. Mrs. Kormon also served as researcher on Customary Land Tenure in Liberia which took place in eleven clans located in eight Counties of Liberia. The research was mainly qualitative and used the Rapid Rural Appraisal method to gather information. The study was implemented under the auspices of Land Commission, implemented by Tetra Tech ARD and supported by USAID; she has also organized several workshops; the most recent one is a workshop to present findings on Customary Tenure and Women Land Rights in Liberia