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Welcome to Africa

If you intend taking advantage of our offer, just send us a short email to info@adeaslr.org.

Your Visa can be obtained from the nearest Liberian Embassy. If the nearest Embassy is not convenient for you, please inform us within two weeks of your departure. Modalities would be put in place to enable you secure a visa upon arrival. One of our protocol officers will pick you up upon your arrival at the Roberts International Airport (ROB).


We provide three types of accommodations. Depending upon your preference, we will arrange and provide at your own expense discounted hotel accommodation. We also provide residential and field accommodations. The latter two accommodations enable our guests to be in close and regular contact with us and other implementing partners as well as beneficiaries.
Residential accommodation is offered by our staff members, board members and affiliate members, while field accommodation puts guests in direct and regular contacts with everyone including beneficiaries. 17% of our female guests have opted to reside at orphanage homes. African hospitality dictates free residential and field accommodations. In a nutshell, no fee is charged! Notwithstanding, our hospitable hosts at times accept token of appreciation from our generous guests.

Diet and Medication

We pay special attentions to the diet of our guests. We are in close contacts with various restaurants –European, American, Chinese, Indian, et cetera. We also have staff members who are willing to prepare these dishes on a voluntary basis.

Although none of our guests has fallen sick, we are in constant contacts with major hospitals and health centers. We always have first aid kit, antibiotics, and malaria pills in our vehicles and homes

Flights and Travels

There are few international flights to Liberia. Visit your travel agency to book a flight to the Roberts International Airport (ROB). We strongly recommend DELTA, Kenya Airways, and SN Brussels.

Although there are sufficient car rental services around, we strongly recommend the use of ADEAS’ vehicles at a discount rate of 25%. The average cost for a rented car within Monrovia and its environs is US$50.00 per day, whilst the cost for a rented 4Runner jeep from Monrovia to the leeward counties ranges from US$75.00 to US$150 depending upon the distance.