The beauty of our team is its diverse composition. We are seasoned professionals ranging from M&E specialists, project officers, university professors from various backgrounds and experts who have worked for nongovernmental organizations, UN agencies and governments. some members of our team have also partnered with other distinguished research institutions as well as being members of some, for examples, people in aid, development initiatives (UK), American evaluation association and TANGO international (USA). Our data collectors are university graduates; our volunteers are mostly university students and social workers. Apart from research officers and data analysts, a maximum of three professional staff is usually assigned to a consultancy. The team leader and Lead Consultant are specialists in the area(s) under consideration. Overall professional supervision is done by Mr. James Kormon, a Monitoring and Evaluation Expert and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ADEAS. Below are the profiles of few of our staff members. Who are some of those behind our success?       Please click profile.