What makes us Unique

Our Added Values

Cultural Context

Over the past ten years, we have undertaken several consultancies ranging from Health and Nutrition, Education, Child Protection, Agriculture, the Rule of Law and Advocacy in Liberia. A significant number of our researchers are fluent in the major local languages / Vernaculars.

Local Presence
in the Counties

We maintain Field Liaison Officers (FLOs) in the 15 political sub divisions of Liberia.  Our FLOs schedule appointments with stakeholders and mobilize communities prior to the arrival of our research team.

Capacity to Manage & Support
Large Research Teams

We have managed large field teams on several assignments for example UNICEF /MOH gCHV, Plan Liberia, OXFAM, ACDI/VOCA, etc. across the 15 counties of Liberia.

Experience with Comprehensive
Logistical Support for Enumerators

We have always managed logistics properly and effectively for large teams.  We own American built vehicles which are regularly serviced by our mechanic drivers before every field trip. We also opt for reliable vehicle rental companies which provide backup vehicles for any unforeseen problems.

Experience with PDAs
Personal Digital Assistants

Since 2010, our researchers have been using PDA, tablets and Smartphones to collect data across the 15 counties of Liberia. The questionnaire and responses were uploaded on tablets. On a daily basis, responses were downloaded in SPSS and Excel for analysis.

& Timeliness

Over the years, we have used several techniques to meet up with timelines.  One technique is to spread our teams in such a way that data is collected concomitantly from all of our target communities. We also run frequent quality checks to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of our data.