In our quest to help improve the effectiveness of aid, we assist with Monitoring and Evaluation exercises. Over the past fifteen (15) years, we have been actively engaged with:

  1. Baseline      Surveys
  2. Needs      Assessments
  3. Mid      Term Reviews (MTR) / Mid Term Evaluation (MTE)
  4. Final      Evaluations
  5. Review      and drafting of policy documents

Our findings and recommendations have helped our partners to,inter alia:

  •  Improve on the provision of basic social services
  • Promote community driven projects
  • Provide public health education on HIV/Aids and other communicable diseases
  • Provide counseling services to disadvantaged children and vulnerable groups
  • Strengthen agricultural projects within communities
  • Enhance skill training and capacity building programs
  • Learn lessons  and gain experiences
  • Identify problems-causes, magnitudes, effects,and implications
  • Maximize output, outcome and impact
  • Promote good humanitarian practices – accountability, transparency and good governance
  • Promote Human Rights Based Approach to Programming (HRBAP)
  • Work towards the achievement of Millennium Development Goals(MDGs)
  • Monitor and evaluate projects in accordance with the OECD-DAC criteria