Welcome to the African Development Associates – a Non-Governmental Organization based in Liberia with focus on research activities. To get a grasp of who we are; what we do, and how we do it, please take few minutes to browse through our web pages.

 WHO ARE WE presents our mandate, specific objective, legal and governance structures. WHAT WE DO BEST captures our areas of specialization – baseline surveys, needs assessments, mid term reviews / final evaluations and the review and drafting of policy documents. OUR PARTNERS present a sample of institutions that have sought our expertise. Our page on CONSULTANCIES presents a sample of baseline surveys, mid term evaluations, final evaluations and policy documents we have undertaken for our partners. We also highlight a few collections of M&E consultancies that were undertaken by some of our staff in collaboration with other institutions for examples, Development Initiatives (DI), United Kingdom and Technical Assistance to Non-Governmental Organizations (TANGO), United States of America

OUR METHODOLOGY, briefly but clearly captures our research strategies. OUR TEAM shows our professional diversity and experiences with institutions ranging from government, NGOs to UN agencies. Our page on NEEDS ASSESSMENTS presents critical needs. It shows the urgent needs of few towns and villages in Liberia. It is our hope that you or your institution will intervene with some humanitarian or development assistance.

WELCOME TO AFRICA is a wake-up-call for you to visit us. Our wake-up-call will enable you to interact with various vulnerable groups; experience the plights of poor women, abandoned children, and HIV/Aids victims. You will also come in close contacts with the exemplary efforts of various stakeholders, in particular NGOs and UN agencies as well as deplorable conditions of vulnerable groups and unfulfilled promises from some actors. It will also enable you to appreciate ADEAS’ efforts and the challenges ahead. Obtaining visa through us is very fast, reliable and cheap.

OUR MEMBERSHIP AWARD allows you to be one of our MDGs Ambassador or Affiliate Member. YOUR CHALLENGE is your moral, spiritual and financial obligations to make the world a better place; impact the lives of other people and to help make a difference. Our page on ISSUES AND CONCERNS presents articles on contending development issues. Articles are not restricted to ADEAS’ staff. OUR PHOTOS speak volumes and your WIDOW’S MITE is just any little help to neglected children, widows and widowers, HIV/Aids victims, orphans and our pending research assignments. OUR CONTACT gives you our full details.

Thanks for visiting ADEAS’ website today, and please contact us by filling in the form below. Your comment(s) will strengthen us and help us to keep improving.